Monday, July 19, 2010

By the blink of an eye...

... anything is possible.
this story fills me with joy and starts my day off well.
I am grateful for Adam and for his poetry.
By day he dreams and in his dreams he escapes...

A Silly Poem

At my school the green fish digs a hole and chases the dog down the road.
In the yard the big dinosaur laughs out loud and tells me a joke.
I laugh.
Later that day I saw a bug eat my teacher for lunch.
The lion reads a book in a tree and then, a scientist with a monkey drives a car too fast through the air.
In my dream, I catch a spaceship to the moon.
I go off looking for hot dogs.

Adam Bojelian

Adam is 10 and has severe cerebral palsy but loves creating imaginative verse... and all by the blink of an eye.
How utterly and trully inspirational.
Adam, thank you: you have made me smile today :)

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