Monday, July 26, 2010

SMArty is the answer!

I don't like labels...
Clothing labels.
Job labels.
Disability labels.

My child is special - just like every child.
Yes, she has a disability.
Yes, she has special needs.
Yes, she is different but only in the way that we are all different and unique.

She is EILIDH...

So, I don't like them... unless they are our labels of love...

I have a godmummy: a wonderful, loving and devoted woman; one of my best friends and my auntie.
When Niamh was born we realised that she was a great aunt - with a blue rinse, curlers and slippers. But she is so much more than that... young and funny and gorgeous... I decided that we needed a different title so "grauntie" was born - a term of endearment which we have grown to love...
No one else, in my eyes anyway,  is entitled to use the title... but I have conceded to Gruncle (who is gruff and grumpy and Grauntie's big brother)

Grauntie, so far away in NZ, suggested we come up with a label of love for Eilidh.
I have really struggled with this but today it came to me...
Eilidh has SMA.
SMA children, typically have above average IQs...

SMArty is the answer!

So, Grauntie and SMArty - I love you both so much.
Thank you for being in my life: I am so very grateful.

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