Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soporific terrific...

what a beautiful word...
not quite sleep inducing itself but mildly hypnotic in the way it forms when spoken

benjamin rabbit was not soporific tonight
niamh fought sleep wildly and tearfully
scared of monsters
crying for my cuddles

why do they fight sleep?
the sleep of the blessed?

i love sleep
terrifically and soporifically

i hide in my sleep
hide away from the tears and the worry
avoid the all consuming thoughts of
standing aids

i find safety in my sleep
and can dream
of far away lands
and metamorphosis

in my sleep eilidh walks
and flys
and soars

she is beautiful
and graceful
and glorious

my family is happy in my dreams
while i sleep...


and so to bed...
sleep the sleep of the blessed...

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