Monday, August 09, 2010

Cocktail hour

My grannie once told my dad never to venture out in Glasgow on a Saturday night... I'm not sure why!  Perhaps it's because the night life is colourful?  I had forgotten how much I love being part of it, in the wings, enjoying the revellers as they party, trying to put their troubles behind them.

Another night out with D on Saturday. Time for us.  The weeks seem to pass and we pass like ships in the night.  We both realise how important it is to reconnect with each other, to spend time in each other's company, concentrating purely on each other.

Saturday was a last minute decision but we deserved it.  We found out during the week that Eilidh had been awarded her DLA at the highest level - it was a moment of initial happiness, and then a little sadness as it came as confirmation of her disability. Of her ongoing need for care and support.  A realisation that we now have to depend on others and accept all help offered.

So Saturday... a divine hotel, orgasmic cocktails, delectable sushi, and sleep, deep sleep.  Time to relax and read and sleep.  Time to be with D - the bestest husband and friend in the world.  I'm so glad that we are on this journey together.

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