Thursday, August 12, 2010

Koala says "peep-peep"!

Perhaps my mental preparation and positive thoughts yesterday helped me deal with the arrival of the koala.

I have to admit it's kind of cute... small and compact with the cutest little "peep-peep"...  as I saw Jennifer from Permobil drive it into the house I was reminded of Wall-E.

Eilidh was inquisitive and curious.  Susie and Bella-bear took a wee "ride", Eilidh "peep-peeped" and played with the joystick to make the koala edge forwards and backwards.

D and I really didn't know what to ask, for the majority of the time we were really just getting used to its presence in the room, but Eilidh's interest in the chair gave me hope... there IS hope. 

Just over two months ago I had no hope.
Now I have a glimmer...

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