Thursday, August 19, 2010

The SnapDragon cometh...

With Biscuiteer biscuits we waited
And Lou arrived early!
The snapdragon cometh...

We talked briefly about my family and life with SMA. Lou shared her family story and was so very open with us which I really welcomed and I instantly fell at ease with her.  Would Eilidh though - Eilidh woke up and took some time to give Lou her first smile but she did smile - first hurdle over!

The sun was shining in Glasgow today so we decided to go out into the Garden with Eilidh. D sat with Eilidh as I walked around the Snappie.  I grinned; orange in colour with furry seats it reminded me of a Ford Cortina - all it needed was some furry dice!  It was smaller than I thought, more compact.  Not quite as finished perhaps as the Koala - not as cute and cuddly, but functional and precise.  I could already see Eilidh sitting in this and becoming independent and enjoying life. (If I am honest I think that I saw her in a Snapdragon from the moment I saw pictures of it and read about Dan, Lou, Ruth and Dragonmobility...)

Bella-Bear took Snappie for a spin as Eilidh watched with intrigue and caution.  We took the chair off and looked at the standing frame, taking this opportunity to put Eilidh in the seat on the grass with her toys.  She became less suspicious and more comfortable: in time we were able to put the chair back on the chassis and let her get used to being on it at grass level.

ready to go!

The beauty of the Snapdragon is just that - it can go from ground level to standing level with the touch of a button - green to the grass below and yellow to the sun above. Red for "peep-peep" which of course brought a smile to Eilidh's face and, in turn to ours too.  And then she was off around the garden with daddy at the controls... both slightly apprehensive to start with (and I'm not surprised knowing what D's driving is like!) but they quickly gathered confidence.  I too was keen to have a go and I did - I just hope that it felt as liberating for Eilidh as it did for me.

umm, not sure of this, mummy

So back for more tea and biscuits and down to the nitty-gritty about the business, servicing and costs.. Lou continued to endear us, not just to the Snapdragon but to her, her passion and the company's ethos.  She talked with such grace that I could not help but like her.

We said our goodbyes, hoping that we would see Lou again, but knowing that we would.  D and I need to talk more about our thoughts with regards to the chairs - we need to do what is best for Eilidh AND we need to look for funding...  I wonder what colour we will order...

P.S. the Biscuiteer biscuits shone little rays of sun on our souls on a somewhat difficult day...

divine afternoon cupcakes

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