Saturday, August 28, 2010

The beauty of the beach...

‎'The hours when the mind is absorbed by the exceeding beauty of the earth are the only hours when we really live, so that the longer we can stay among these things so much the more is snatched from inevitable time.'

Richard Jeffries

We headed on an adventure today... with Niamh singing "Puff the Magic Dragon", so out of tune but with such confidence and gusto, for 17 whole miles! D had to cover his ears while driving... the 17 miles seemed to last forever but her singing does make us smile!

We drove down the coast to Croy Bay just north of the cliff top castle of Culzean.  The wind was blowing and squalls shifted across the sky but we went prepared for four seasons in one day - as we always do with living in Scotland.  We thankfully did see glimpses of golden sun which felt warm on our skin, caressing us as the wind blew too.

We laughed and giggled as D and I tried to fly our kite, dive-bombing often into the sand.  But when we did get it to soar high above us, I marvelled at the rainbow colours against the back drop of stormy grey clouds - I felt alive.  So very happy to be alive.  Niamh ran into the sea and played and splashed and frolicked; she is such a wee water baby and loves to get as wet as wet can be.  Eilidh watched on from the comfort of her backpack, high on D's back as the sea "lapped" at  their feet, drinking everything in.

there were 3 on the beach...

There were brief moments of solitude for me.  I love being on the beach and always have, but now I tend to have to share it with the little ones and have to saviour the brief moments of quiet.  I stood with my face turned to the sky, marvelling at the clouds and the beauty of the world:  I often find that I am closer to God in these moments.  There I was, the sun coming out from behind a cloud, warming my soul and I could hear my thoughts clearly: "God is here.  God is everywhere. He loves you and your family. He shines the sun upon you all".  I was thankful: minutes before I was hurting inside as I realised that beaches will become relatively inaccessible to Eilidh in her wheelchair...  How quickly the mind can wander...

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