Friday, September 03, 2010

Hug in a bottle

Today I was treated to an afternoon at Turnberry Spa.
The sun was shining, Ailsa Craig shrowded in mist.

First, a coffee in the Grand Tea Lounge - relaxed refinement at its best with views, on a good day, over to Arran and Goatfell, Holy Island, Ailsa Craig and perhaps even Ireland.  A place to relax and dream in, to spread your wings wide and soar above your trials and tribulations.

And then to the Spa - divine decadence at its best in the hands of the most professional therapists that I have come across.  I was shown to my therapy room and asked what state I wanted to achieve through my therapy today.  Easy; relaxation.  My therapist asked me how things were, balancing motherhood and work: I cried as I thought of my life, far removed from this small peace of paradise in the Spa.  This deep-seated pain surfaced:
"Things aren't too good"
"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked. 
The tears fell. 
"We've had some bad news about our youngest daughter... She's going to be wheelchair dependent."
There was a pause, "You will find the inner strength.  You will find strength from your family and friends.  Your daughter is still, and always will be, your daughter and you will love her.  She will always be beautiful."
How true her words are...
There was very little said after that. She touched and massaged me with such tenderness, using the Restorative Bath Oil which she described as a "hug in a bottle".  I relaxed and entrusted myself to her, gradually dozing then falling into a sleep which, although brief, left me rested.  She woke me gently and took me through to the relaxation room where she brought herbal tea, touching me as she said goodbye and said "take care". And I knew that she meant it, too.

So much can be said through human touch.  It is not simply about the physical connection, skin to skin, between two people but also the human connection.  In this day and age we often forget about the need for this connection, choosing not to reach out to others, and yet we can convey so much through the laying on of hands.  Love.  Intimacy. Empathy.  Reassurance.  A powerful and simple act which affects, and can heal, both parties, physically, mentally and spiritually.  With each touch we realise that we are giving ourselves to another whatever the sentiment we mean to impart. 

Today I think that my therapist gave herself to me.  I think that she felt for me and with empathy and reassurace she wanted to ease my worries and calm my soul.  She did and I am so grateful for the 2 hours I spent in her care.

I finished my day with a rare tea from the Yunnan province in China ... Butterfly in Love, delicate twists and bows of shimmering silver tea with a light floral flavour... the perfect, delicate end to a perfect day of physical self-love.

Today I realised that I deserve to be surrounded by love...
my "hug in a bottle",
with a little human touch,
and, lastly my comforting cup of tea - and little piece of carrot cake!...

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