Thursday, September 09, 2010

Letters, Cards and Postcards...

Our mailbox was full today.
Catalogues. Bills.
The usual boring envelopes of day-to-day life.
But amongst the junk
I spied handwritten envelopes
addressed to me.
Handwriting eludes to something
Potentially Inspiring...

2 postcards for Niamh.
1 letter.
1 card.

They all made me
in different ways.

For D & I
There were words of comfort and empathy.
Words of understanding and love.
Well rehearsed words
Words from the heart and soul.

People can touch your heart when it is least expected.
I was right to put my hope in humanity...

p.s. the card made me smile the most, dollface!

"Whenever you're uncertain
And you don't know what to do
The Cow of Wisdom always answers
'Just chill out... and MOO'"
Edward Monkton

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