Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peace & Quiet

Yes, my minds is still whizzing
the house is peaceful
so very quiet.
The girls are at the park...
I have the house to
Oh, the sheer joy!

A close friend quotes herself

"It's a trial being so selfless."

I agree,
It's exhausting actually.
Mentally and physically exhausting...
I am desperately in need of some "me" time.
Some space in which to
and think
and be at peace with myself amidst this life of discombobulation.
Amidst my family - as mad as a box of frogs they may be!
Amidst the whizzing of the Whizzy Wheels Fund.

So what am I going to do with this peace and quiet?

... update my blogs, organise the "Wheelie Good Night Out", arrange a dinner date, cook dinner, phone a friend, wash some clothes, tidy up the house, write some emails, twitter & tweet, facebook ...

You know what I mean?
The usual... nothing really... nothing for me ... no "me time"... nothing "nice"
but I will find pleasure in each moment...
and when my husband walks in tonight he'll say "what have you been up to today?"  And I'll reply "oh, you know, nothing really...."
but the house has been peaceful and I have known silence once more.

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