Thursday, September 02, 2010

"To my amazing god-daughter. Love Godmummy. xx"

A huge ray of sunshine dropped through my letterbox the other day.
I recognised the writing and couldn't wait to open it...
A square yellow card:

"those who bring
sunshine into the lives
of others cannot
keep it from themselves"
james barrie
and inside some inspiration for a "Godmummy Fun Fund"...

"(for) when you need a little 'pick-me-up' you ... use it for:
special bath smellies,
coffee and cake with a friend,
that little something
you don't need,
can't justify
but want
just cause you deserve it!
I send it with love and positive thoughts for the not so good days.  Enjoy..."

I sobbed huge tears.
Tears of joy.
Tears of sadness.
I miss her so very much.
My godmummy - and I know that you are reading this! - means the world to me... and I am so very grateful x

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