Friday, September 17, 2010

Trees and Kindness

People do care.
Despite the things going on in their own lives, within their own families, they take the time to think about us.

A parcel arrived from NZ today from a woman who became my surrogate mum during the time I lived there. A simple, kind woman who has always been so generous with her love. 

Inside the parcel was a book and a card.  Words and musings.

A gorgeous book full of trees and leaves of all different shapes and colours.
A book about the Arboretum at Eastwoodhill - what a beautiful and magical place! I never went while I lived in NZ, but so wish that I had: I think that I would have found a great sense of peace there (as I did in general in the land of the long white cloud).

I love trees.
Their roots firmly planted in the ground, they hold fast to their beginnings.
Their branches stretching and twisting upwards towards the light.
The first sign of buds in the spring,
The summer blossom,
The red and gold hues of autumn
And finally, the snow lined branches of winter.
The circle of life and the seasons within...

And just as the trees stand tall and firm, Eilidh enjoyed her standing frame today.  I looked at her in her frame and cannot believe just how tall she is!  Even taller in her shoes... She so made me smile today... she refused to let me take her shoes off all day - how proud she was of them!  And everyone noticed them too...  Gorgeous little shoes...

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