Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I've been looking through picture of Niamh & Eilidh today, pausing for some time over the ones of them not even a day old and reflecting...

Ever possible futures;
Radiant and dazzling;
Long and effortless;
full of
and joy...
We wish for so much from the moment they are conceived.
We dream their futures
and we hope for more.

I have brought two very different and unique little girls into this world:
both full of light and joy,
love and hope
and grace.
Both strong-willed and determined,
with their futures in their hands.
I will do the best and be the best for them
I see the best in them.

niamh - 14th march

eilidh - 26th january

I rejoice in them and pray that their journeys are not too difficult or painful.
I hope that they will find their paths in this world, each unique in its own way, enjoying happiness along the way, finding gratitude and peace in every moment.

Their futures are ever possible and unique.
SMA or no SMA.

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