Monday, November 01, 2010


A coffee and a chat with a friend...
And snippets of the conversation which was, I have to say, so very uplifting!

"I don't know how you are coping; I don't know how I would cope"
"You would cope.  You would take each day as it comes.  You have to cope.  There's really no other way."

"How's you relationship with D?"
"We're good, We're coping, taking each day as it comes. We've never fought or shouted.  We're talking everything through openly and honestly.  Actually, I'm not sure how we are coping, but we are.  Perhaps it's because we frequently remind ourselves how lucky we are, how grateful we are for everything we have."

"When's the book coming out?"
"Guffaw... After we've moved, changed nursery, fundraised, studied, and I've taken care of my physical, emotional and spiritual health!"

"Spiritual health is really important, isn't it?"
"Yes. Definitely! I am not angry at God for what has happened. How can I be? I just need to look at Eilidh and I can feel no anger.  I have entrusted my children to God."
"You have such grace..."

I was reminded of so much today.
Primarily of how well we as a family are doing
How far I have come over the last few months. 

But I have to remember not to be too tough on myself...
I am doing well...
We as a family are doing fantastically...

Taking each day as it comes.
Being grateful for all that we have.
Remembering to look after ourselves
And living with grace.

What a coffee and chat!

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