Tuesday, November 02, 2010

In therapy...

I realised yesterday, and not for the first time, what an important role Mrs CBT has played in my life over the last few months.

Firstly, on the morning before we found out about Eilidh's SMA she talked me through how to look positively at the future, no matter what the diagnosis.  The fact that I would love Eilidh no matter what, that I would provide her with a safe and loving home within a wonderful family, and allow her the independence that she deserved, able or disabled.  These realisations perhaps did not help me in the initial hours and days after our world was turned upside down BUT now, in the present,  they carry me through every day, giving me the strength to live with SMA.

Secondly, she helped me realise that, above all, my emotional well being is tantamount to our family happiness and well being.  So, everyday, I work a little on my emotional well being, and everyday I hope that I get a little bit stronger.

So thank you, Mrs CBT - I haven't thanked you in person yet, but I will.

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