Friday, December 24, 2010

The Fullness of Life

I have said before that I am not devoutly religious but I do believe that God is within each of us and that He surrounds us with his love, grace and peace

I have surprised myself this morning with this post...
it wasn't what I thought that I was going to write having just updated my Facebook status but I just heard this quote and found myself typing...

 “God is always faithful to His promises, but He often surprises us in the way He fulfils them.”
Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope spoke on Radio 4 and he has reminded me that God walks with my family and I no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

He is with us during the storms and frosts of life and during the days when the sun shines bright and rainbows fill the sky.  

We need to continue to trust Him, to entrust our lives to Him and he will perform miracles through us and for us too. 

I need to believe in something...

Listen to the Broadcast and see a Transcript here

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