Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remember Me?

A long, long time has passed...
Not so long that I have forgotten how to write
But perhaps a little too long
In that I have
A little about
Who I am...

I've been caught up in the whizzy whirlwind that is
The Whizzy Wheel Fund.

I have been lifted high by my family, friends and utter strangers,
Supported and exalted
And so, so very humbled.

People have been
so, so, so

But amidst these crazy months I have lost a little bit of myself.
I have been so busy looking after others;
Raising money for Eilidh;
Thinking about the house move;
And Studying
That I have forgotten myself.
My Spiritual Self.
My Emotional Self.
My Physical Self.
And I am really not very sure when I can take the time to fix this.
To look after myself
And rediscover Me.
I know that I will though
Because I know how integral I am to this Family.
They need me
As I need them...

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