Thursday, February 03, 2011

All it takes...

All it takes is a moment. At the blink of an eye I am reminded about Eilidh's disability and SMA.  I am reminded of her lack of mobility and her dependency on others. 

And you know what? It sucks!  It totally and utterly SUCKS!

Today she has fallen out of her heathfield chair - all her own fault, I may add... if she swings in it, she's going to tip over, isn't she?  

I couldn't get her into her pushchair - I was all fingers and thumbs and her legs just wouldn't move; I got more and more frustrated at myself and SMA and the cruel blow that Eilidh has been dealt.  It's so unfair...

She has shouted at me all day:
"out! out! out!"
She's becoming increasingly frustrated by her lack of independence, and that's her shouting from her wheelchair!

I could go on, but I won't. 
I choose not to.
Life isn't so bad.
Today is just one bad day amidst so many good days.
Today is nearly over:
Tomorrow is another day with SMA;
Here's hoping that it's a better one...

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