Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"morning time! it's time to get up!"
grumpily i reply,
"is it?"
"my sun is up..."
niamh has a grobag clock:
she sleeps with the stars and
rises - in theory! - with the sun...
i lift my head,
 "it's still dark..."
"mummy, the sky is bluer than black 'cause the sun is rising..."
sure enough, I can't argue with that;
I open the curtains and the sky is the colour of a soon-to-be-spring dawn.
A new day...
Niamh, my love, I am so proud; you're pretty smart, you know...


MrsT said...

I cant believe how clever she is! Is she really only going to be just 4??!

ever hopeful mummy said...

she's 4 going on 16... you should see her attitude!

Marylin said...

Aww bless, what a clever wee thing! :)
Wondering if you're on twitter? x