Monday, April 25, 2011


bubblegum pink hues
blossom against the sky
scents of spring bloom forth

A moment yesterday -
Eilidh and I were sitting under the blossom trees
when heaven came to earth:
the clouds parted,
the sun broke through, 
small blossom petals fell gently around us
and I felt at peace -
Truly at peace.
A beautiful moment.


Mrs E said...

This is beautiful- and what a beautiful picture. I don't think I have introduced myself- I am Katie and a new follower! :) x

ever hopeful mummy said...

Thank you, Katie... It was a beautiful moment that brought tears to my eyes... I've just added joined your blog, too; I was sure that I had done so last week ;@}

Michelle Twin Mum said...

A beautiful moment indeed! I love the blossom as do my girls. Just found you via BMB and have followed.

Mich x

Mummy@Bod for tea said...

Hi Katie, 'nother new follower here :D This is a powerful moment so eloquently captured. Thanks for sharing it :D

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

alysonsblog said...

oh that made me catch my breath - so lovely - I love moments like that - there arent nearly enough of them but that makes you appreciate them all the more when you catch one - if your a Van Morrison fan listen to 'days like this' its one of my favourites - thanks for stopping by my blog sunshine - so nice to see you x Claires images are just stunning arent they - really lovely - and yes Im in a really good place right now - cant wait for Summer!