Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy Mummy Day!

I got an early warning
"Let's go wake mummy up..."
I hear the little tip toes...
tip toe
tip toe
tip toe
"shhhhhh, we'll surprise her..."
I smile a happy smile.
"let's jump on her, daddy!"
... and they did
"happy mother's day, mummy!"
and my heart sings with joy.
The girls scramble to open my cards,
proud and happy to show me their kisses.
They open my present and gorgeous gifts fall out.
I am a Happy Mummy!
Such a Happy Mummy!
My little ones giggle & cuddle & kiss:
I couldn't ask for more...

But my tulips are gorgeous, too

Happy Mother's Day to mummys new and mummys old,
To grandmummys and godmummys:
Mummys make the world go round (with the help of their families, too!)

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