Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hug a Heart

D and I were talking.
It was a sad conversation.
A moment when our hearts were tearing and breaking open just a little.
"I wish that someone could hug my heart and stop it breaking open..."
A simple wish
But a difficult ask.

Or is it a difficult ask?
Reach out to someone and "hug a heart" today.
Whether they are in dire need or not the action is still uplifting: they will smile and know that they are loved; they will know that someone cares enough to reach out to them. I know only too well how much of a difference someone reaching out to me has made over the last 10 months: I am lucky to have wonderful friends - some people aren't quite as lucky.

How can you "hug a heart"?
a phone call, a text, a card, a cake, a kind gesture, a favour, a donation of your time, your effort or your money...
to a relative, a friend, a colleague or a complete stranger...
There are so many ways that you can make a small difference to some one's life.
Make some one's heart swell today:
Take a moment to "hug a heart"...

Perhaps it sounds too cheesy, too American, too Pay-it-Forward, but do you know what? Who cares? ... Someone else will benefit, you will make a difference, however small or large... Go on, "hug a heart"... After all, in the long run, you will feel your heart swell too...

So every first day of the month I'll host a "hug a heart" day and you can share your "hug a heart" moment... one post will be chosen at random to receive a token of thanks for making someone else's day a little brighter and a whole lot better.


ilovetshirts said...

I really like this idea, it's so lovely! I like your new blog layout too, did you design it yourself? Trying to find a nice one for my new blog.

Take care,

ever hopeful mummy said...

Hey, Catherine
The design was done by a fabby lady called Danielle Moss who is based in the states... it was my wee treat to myself xxx