Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's raining

Drawing the curtains this morning I murmured to myself,
"It's raining again... It's raining cats and dogs..."
To which a little voice replied
"Mummy, I can't see them... I can't see any cats and dogs!  Where are they?"
It might not have stopped raining yet, but I'm still smiling, Niamh.

By Adelin


mumsarcade said...

Lovely - can just imagine it. I used to talk with my children about the other animals it might be raining such as elephants, tigers or whatever.
Good to find your blog

Helen McGinn said...

LOVE the blog layout. Saw your post on Scottish Mummy Bloggers and came for a look. Love it. :O) xx

Anonymous said...


ever hopeful mummy said...

Thank you lovely ladies for coming to have a peek at the blog... hope that you will be back to visit... it is cute of cute, isn't it? But then I'm biased...