Friday, April 01, 2011

Naughty Spot

I thought that I had the Naughty Spot sorted...

Niamh will now go there when told to;
She thinks that it's boring and not very nice to sit on but she goes,
Whinging away 4 minutes of her life.

Eilidh is just beginning to learn about the naughty spot...
Apparently we need to discipline her just like a normal child:
hello! yeah, of course... she is a normal child!
She has SMA and (probably) an above average IQ...
She is cheeky and mischievous,
Strong-willed, independent
And canny.
Oh, she is so very canny...
"Canny" - a Scots definition: artful, expert, handy, worthy,
fortunate, shrewd, prudent, useful, deliberate, beneficial

So she is ready to learn about the naughty spot.
As I said, I thought that I had it sorted.
Naughty... Naughty Spot... Brakes on...
Hey! Wait a minute...
I can't restrain my child, can I?
I don't think so...
Using the brakes on the wheelchair is the equivalent of hand-cuffing an able-bodied child to the naughty spot;  it's restraint, it's cruel, totally unnecessary and no child should be punished in such a way.
I have to be honest though - I had to think this point through the first time Eilidh went on the Naughty Spot to reach this conclusion.
Eilidh was put on the naughty spot:
She wheeled off
And was put back on
And wheeled off
And was put back on.
Until finally she stayed;
A full 2 minutes, staring out of the window as the world went by
And no brakes were necessary.
An apology from her,
A cuddle and a "i love you"
from me.
And all was right in the world again...
Until next time!


Devon said...

Ah yes....we have to put Dakin in time out frequently. Most of the time he ends up getting it when he is on the floor playing, though, so I just remove his toys and he has 3 minutes of quiet time on his blanket. You're right...SMA kiddos need to be disciplined like any other child. I always tell my nurses that whatever he is doing that warrants a time out might be cute now, but it won't be when he is 15. I care about my child too much to not discipline him. Good on you for sorting it out!! Sounds like you're on the right track!!!

MrsT said...

:) I have to admit a little giggle escaped reading this one! Love the new decor (if thats what you call it?!) on the site too - its gorgeous! xxxx