Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE Wedding of the Year

Niamh came home last night and told me that she was getting married.

Yes, you read right: married...

After a courtship of only 2 months she was to marry F - her boyfriend at nursery and the little boy next door.  A fairy tale romance perhaps?

F had asked her and within a matter of hours THE wedding of the year had been planned... Kate & William, you never truly had a look in!

Minutes after getting home she had decided on the dress, a tiara and a veil - the veil an heirloom from her little grannie's table!  Niamh was so delighted with her dress and so excited about her pending nuptials.

The wedding took place this morning: I had always thought that I would be there to see my beautiful eldest daughter married but we, sadly, weren't invited.  As D and I were busy joking that this was a "shot gun wedding" and perhaps she was "with child", Niamh became Mrs J and they celebrated with friends in the nursery garden, eating pizza, crisps and cupcakes, and dancing in the glorious sunlight...  A guest said "it was a beautiful ceremony".  Other guests when asked "who is getting married tomorrow?" answered "niamh and fraser", for these nursery children today was THE wedding of the year - sorry Kate and William, you may be Royals but you don't stand a look in at the Glen!

Here are a couple of the beautiful bride


mum in meltdown said...

Too cute and made me giggle. Just found you via BMB and love new blogs to read. Joined your part 3 as well.

Tracy x
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Mummy...Mummy.....MUM!! said...

awww. Bless her. So cute!