Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whizzy Wheels Nominated!

It's funny...

I checked out the MAD award Blog list for the Most Inspirational Blog Award and saw in black & white :

Touch and Tickle

I wasn't really surprised because I knew that my beautiful little flower girl had nominated me.
(thank you, x)

What surprised me was that Whizzy Wheels was there, too...

It's funny: I have never thought of what I have done with Whizzy Wheels as being inspirational - I just wanted to do everything I could to enable and empower Eilidh to live as independently a life as possible, SMA or no SMA.

Would another parent not do the same?
In my heart of hearts I hope that they would
And that is perhaps why I don't necessarily think that Whizzy Wheels is inspirational...
But to whoever nominated me - thank you!

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