Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Work Me

I watched this video some time ago at a point where I had resigned from my practice and I was struggling to get a sense of "me" with regards to work.

We all have many titles, many jobs, many personalities which contribute to our whole being but do any give us a true sense of " work me"? 

I wasn't really sure who "work me" was any more...

I pondered and pondered, over and over, what it meant to be " work me"
And then I saw this video:
It wasn't the lyrics
But the titles the actors hung from their necks
That caught my attention.
Each one defined simply by a single word, a single role, a single job.
And it came to me;
My job,
My role...

And then I forgot and carried on pondering and wondering until I decided that general practice was right for me and right for my family at this moment in time:  I made peace with this decision... or so I thought.

Last week I stumbled across the advert for my perfect job -
A job I feel like me in, a job which makes me feel whole -
And I was sent into a bit of a head spin about what to do.
But then I remembered this video and I was reminded that no door is closed.
Doors of opportunity remain open before me:

"It's better
To make your mistakes than to live without knowing
It's better
To fall on your face than to stay on your feet
as long, long, long
as you tried your best"

So maybe I should apply
But I'm nervous;
What if it is the wrong decision for me and for my family?
But then, if I don't apply I will "live without knowing" if it's right or wrong...

And the job or role that hangs comfortable around my neck?

palliative medicine

It's time to move forward...

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