Saturday, May 28, 2011


giving = hope

I pledged to donate £365 to a charity chosen by you to "celebrate" our anniversary of living with SMA, to give back when we have been given so much.

Three very different causes were suggested:

Claire from Something about Clairey shared a touching story about a precious little baby called Mia and a raffle that she was organising in memory of Mia to raise funds for SANDS.  SANDS is a charity that supports anyone who is affected by the death of a baby and also promotes research too.  Terrrifyingly 17 babies are stillborn or die after childbirth each day in the UK.

Celebrating Mums suggested Home-start which is a charity that offers support and friendship to families in the UK.  Last year alone 16,000 volunteers gave a million hours of support to families coping with such issues as post-natal illness, isolation, bereavement, disability, domestic violence.

And finally Dan from all that comes with it told me about a charity close to his heart:

"My best friend and his wife lost their three year old son Joseph in 2005. They set up a charity in his name, The Joseph Salmon Trust, that provides financial support to parents who have lost a child to help pay for funerals of allow the self employed a break from work.

Most parents aren't financially prepared for the unexpected death of a child, and funerals are exceptionally expensive. We can't help the incredible grief that they are experiencing, but we can help stop their situation getting worse by plunging into massive debts."

As you can see there are three quite different charities reaching out to very different groups and all so very, very deserving.  It has been difficult trying to chose between them - actually it's been impossible. I thought that I would use a widget to chose randomly but that felt so impersonal. 

So how did we decide in the end?

Niamh (my 4 year old) and I talked quite loosely about the charities and what they did and she took a few minutes to mull it over - or that is at least what she looked like she was doing ! - and this is what she said:

"I'd like to give it to mummys and daddys to take some time off work."
Why would you like to donate to them?
"Because sometimes they are sad and they just need time off work"

So, Dan - and I'm sorry Claire and Celebratingmums - we are donating £365 to The Joseph Salmon Trust.  We hope that we can make a small difference to someone's life.

(And little donations will also go to Baby Mia Giggle and Home-Start)


Dan said...

That is incredibly generous of you. Thank you so much. Your donation will make a massive difference to someone going through horrific times.

You have now reached the top of my favorite people list! :)

Neil said...

Thank you so very much for your wonderfully generous donation. We appreciate it must have been hard to choose between three nominations so are especially grateful that you decided to donate to The Joseph Salmon Trust. And please pass on our thanks to Niamh for assisting in the decision making process! All the money that you have donated will go to financially assist parents who have lost a child.

Emma said...

All very worthwhile charities, but some very wise words from your decision maker there! Emma :)

Claire said...

Thank you ever so much. Apologies for the delay, just got back from holidays and catching up. It's very generous of you, and massively appreciated. I love the reasoning from your daughter x