Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Gallery - Chilled Out


Water, water everywhere.
Water is my friend
And it is near water or in water when I feel my most relaxed.
My most chilled...
Or my most chilly!
I am a waterbaby.

I learnt to swim in the outdoor pool at North Berwick one cold and wet summer - I was literally thrown in at the deep end.  The pool always felt warmer in the rain: perhaps that's were my love of outdoor swimming began...

One of my most memorable swims was getting in to Loch Katrine last summer with a group of Wild Swimmers.  The water took my breath away it was so cold but it was the scenery that truly stole my breath away that day.  There I was amidst nature as it was intended - raw and real and beautiful.  We swam a mile that day, against the wind on the way out and on adrenaline on the way home.  I lay on my back at times, gazing at the clouds, taking in the hills and I was so content with the world in that instant.

Water is my friend - this is how I like to chill out. 
(Maybe that's why I am planning to raise money for some of our favourite charities by organising an outdoor swimathon - but more about that later...)

So, how do you "chill out"?
Take a look at everyone else's over at The Gallery today...


John C said...

Ever come to Shetland for a swim? I promise you the water's lovely and -er- warm? No, that's not the right word. Bone-chillingly cold? That's a bit closer. Dip a toe in and you can feel your thigh freezing!

I admire anyone who outdoor swims.

Elle and Belle said...

Wow, I adore the swimming hat!!

Funky Wellies said...

Fab black and white photo, and it did make me shiver!

mumsarcade said...

Like this as very original and heartfelt.

Clayton Thomas said...

Nice post- Everyone knows you get used to the water pretty fast John. (ha ha)

Have a great weekend,


TK said...

This begs the age old question: do you get in the water gradually, or do you just dive right in? I really really want to be a dive-right-in type, but I am really a one-toe-at-a-time type.