Thursday, May 12, 2011

I saw a woman today...

I saw a woman today
Sitting with her child.
She wore a beautiful mask
And a joyful smile
That radiated contentment.
But there, above her was
A cloud of sorrow
Reigning down:
Invisible tears falling gently.
If I listened carefully
And for long enough
I could hear
Her heavy heart
Crying and beating
On and on and on.
She smiled:
Present in the moment
And yet so very lost
As the world spun
And buzzed around her -
A world somewhat oblivious
To her needs and wants.
I wonder now who saw her?
Her strength and pain
So palpable and ever present.
Maybe I was the only one?
But I was seeing her from the inside,
Living and feeling every moment.
Desperate to escape
My sorrow.

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