Sunday, May 08, 2011

Soon to be 365

eilidh & bella

On Thursday the 27th May 2010 Eilidh was diagnosed with SMA.
It's a day that shook our world and brought about a change that will, for us, echo into eternity.
It's been a difficult year, one of many ups and downs;
There have been fabulous days, good days, bad days and absolutely horrendous days, but we have all grown stronger as a result and I have to admit, we're doing OK...

I would like this anniversary to be celebrated not commiserated:
We are alive and very much blessed
And we are stronger.
We are paving a new life with SMA.
It's not the life that we imagined, but it's a happy life.

As a way of thanks and celebration we will be donating £365 - £1 for every day we have lived with SMA - to a charity chosen by you.  I would like you to comment below about your favourite charity and tell me why you support it and what it means to you.  On 27th May a charity will be selected at random to receive our £365 donation (plus gift aid if appropriate). 

I am also going to ask my family - and you too, if you would like! -  to consider donating a little bit of money too: whether it be £3.65 or £36.50 or £365, it's not important - all I ask is that the donation goes to a charity of your chosing.  If you do make a donation, please let me know by commenting below and one donation will be selected at random to receive a wee gift.  Think of it as your Hug a Heart of the week.


Catherine said...

Hi there,

I'm a follower of your blog, and I enjoy reading it that much I've given you an award! Visit my blog at to collect it :)


ever hopeful mummy said...

i'm not sure why but blogger doesn't seem to be letting people make comments - please pop back again and leave your comment
thank you

Claire said...

What a lovely thought, and a lovely post too. You have a beautiful daughter.

I would like to nominate SANDS for a donation, if I may, as it is a charity very close to my heart. My cousin recently lost her baby at 39 weeks pregnant, which I am sure you can imagine was devastating. I am holding a raffle to raise funds to contribute to my cousin's aim to raise £10,000 for SANDS - you can view it at
They also have a Just Giving page to raise funds without entering my raffle at

Claire x

Anonymous said...

A wonderful thing to do and a great way to say, hey life is challenging but good. I would be happy to feature you as a guest blogger over on if that was of interest to you as I want to share real life mum stories so people feel less alone out there with their struggles and celebrations too. I would probably nominate Homestart if pushed to choose one charity but hard as have worked in charities for 20 years so know so many good ones. Well done you on all fronts.

Dan said...

That is a fantastic thing for you to be doing. I have a charity that is very close to my heart.

My best friend and his wife lost their three year old son Joseph in 2005. They set up a charity in his name, The Joseph Salmon Trust, that provides financial support to parents who have lost a child to help pay for funerals of allow the self employed a break from work.

Most parents aren't financially prepared for the unexpected death of a child, and funerals are exceptionally expensive. We can't help the incredible grief that they are experiencing, but we can help stop their situation getting worse by plunging into massive debts.

My most recent post about the charity is here:

Last year I walked the length of Hadrians Wall (86 miles) with a load of other bloggers (including British Parent Bloggers o Beaufoix, Insomniac Mummy, Single Parent Dad and Dad Who Writes in aid of the charity - here's the blog of that adventure -