Sunday, May 08, 2011


Tomorrow Eilidh goes into hospital.
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
Lots of snoring -
HUGE tonsils.
So a tonsilectomy it is then...
Simple operation for some,
But not so simple for Eilidh.

I am anxious about handing her over to someone for them to look after her.
I have to have faith in them though: they are professionals.
The trouble is, so am I.

I do have faith
And as fairy godmummy reminded me yesterday, on the back of her Footprints email, I have to imagine that Eilidh is being carried and that He is looking after us all.

I have to have faith:
I do have faith, I DO have faith, I DO have faith.

I have to also trust the doctors though...


nikki said...

hello, found you through bmb. lovely blog.
i'm sure it will be very scary to have your daughter have an operarion, no matter how minor it may be. one of my twin girls was born with two tiny holes in her heart, thankfully they are closing by themselves.
will keep youand your family in my thoughts for tomorrow, big hugs

bod for tea said...

So sorry to hear Eilidh had to have an operation. Hope that all went well x