Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Endless skies and summer sun in Northumberland in a home away from home rented through Country Retreats.  The girls blossomed with days with mummy and daddy, laughing and frolicking, picnicking and just generally taking life easy and slowly.  Much fun was had and it was beautiful to be able to spend some quality time as a family.

In awe of the Grand Cascade we stand mesmerised as if it was our first visit; Niamh runs freely through the hawthorn; hiding and chasing in the bamboo labyrinth; smelling the fragrant roses, touching their delicate petals, capturing their beauty in a photograph; water sculptures wet our appetite before squealing with joy in the fountains of Serpent Garden,

Meeting the present with hugs and hellos,chocolates and whizzy wheels, our present seen as if mirrored before us as we met another little SMArty and her wonderful family for the day.

Windswept beaches with our kite flying high and free above us, a rainbow canopy against a cloudy sky; sand between our toes; and mermaids and castles on the beach.

Craft time with butterflies and a sprinkle of fairy dust; nails touched by varnish; leisurely breakfast with friends and Nutella; and all ends deliriously well.

Time for home: with a little sadness but much gladness as memories fill me with joy and photos capture perfect moments to be treasured.

And finally, to my girls, oh my beautiful girls; you are growing up and changing before my very eyes...  I love you with all my heart - thank you for my holidays...