Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside..."

Time spent with family is precious, even more so when they travel from the corners of the world to see you.  Last week, on a glorious summer's day, we spent time on our favourite beach, Ravensheugh (between North Berwick and Dunbar), with miles of golden sand and stunning views of the Bass Rock.  We picnic'd and built sandcastles, we went for afternoon tea and delicious (and we would all agree!) brownies at the Tyninghame Smithy, and we laughed and giggled as we always do. It felt as if we had never been apart...

I always feel more alive at the beach and, in a way closer to God, too: so to be there with my loves ones was absolutely divine!  Moments to treasure...  I think that I am more me than at any other time when I am at the beach or by the sea or emmersed amongst the waves.  I'm glad that we are off to Northumberland now... more time being me by the sea... but without so many of my loved ones this time.

ravensheugh beach