Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Be your own hero

sometimes you have to be your own hero.
i'm discovering that this is very true  -
we all have a hero within us.

we can save ourselves
and save our lives,
we can help others, too.

i am an adult:
i would like to be saved.
i would like my life to be solved.

at times i cry out for a hero to save me
and then i realise that i am that hero,
full of courage and strength.

i am the lead role in my life,
the principal character.
i am my own hero.

so why isn't it so easy to save myself?
i can help others
but i can't help myself...

i can cure others,
tending to their needs,
but i cannot cure my daughter.

where is the hero in my life;?
i need a superhero;
please help me find her.