Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Reflective Sunday

I get to meet some pretty inspirational people through my job.  Yes, their burdens are heavy and their stories often heart-breaking , but I learn something from each one of them.  On Friday I had the pleasure of seeing a woman who carries her troublesome burden lightly, with faith and grace.  She reminded me that there is always hope, that hope is a good thing - perhaps even the best of things! - and that good things never die.  She talks of a journey, her life,  that will not see her reach old age but she lives present in every moment, trying to be as well as she can be for her family and for herself.  She trusts in God and He will be there to carry her when she can walk no further.  She has such strength and courage, with love, faith and grace in her heart.

I found these quotes today and thought of her: I wish that my faith could be as strong as hers  - and sometimes it is - for she is a remarkable woman.