Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"See you later, alligator!"

I saw my GP Dr Red on Monday.  Not only is she a wonderful doctor but she is a good friend and a fantastic listening ear too.  Yes, I'm on medication.  Yes, I get a repeat prescription sometimes but that's not really why I go and see her.  She listens to me, I mean she really listens.  She watches my tears fall silently and hugs me but then makes me smile.  She reminds me of the small things that make a difference in my day to day.  "Have some time without the girls." "Go to the cinema."  "Sleep when you can."  "Leave work on time - even just one night a week."  She knows me and she cares; she really does care.  So thank you, Dr Red for being a wonderful doctor and for being my GP - everyone needs a GP like you in their lives...

Back to Monday -
We said our goodbyes,
"See you later, alligator!"
"In a while, crocodile!" we replied
"Gotta go, buffalo!"
And I laughed, "I've never heard that one before"
"My son teaches me all sorts of things..."
Smiles all round -  
Our children really are the ones doing the teaching!.
This morning I found this and I'm smiling again...