Monday, September 19, 2011

Super Sundae Sunday

Yesterday was a Super Sundae Sunday - whoopeeeeeee!

The ingredients:

Family - of course - the more the merrier...
Sundae Glasses - beautiful!
Ice Cream - definitely!
And the fun stuff...  whatever your heart desires and would like to see in your sundae:
Chocolate buttons
Fudge pieces
Fruit salad
Chopped hazelnuts
Chocolate sauce
Strawberry sauce 
and Sprinkles - yummy, yummy in my tummy!

A touch of creative flair, each to their own and voila!
Super "yummy in my tummy" sundaes.

It's becoming a family tradition and this tradition brings huge smiles to those involved and much fun to all who sit at the table.  I have to admit that I stole the idea from a very modern family - The Walkers - who, for me, epitomise family life today - crazy, dysfunctional and full of secrets.  The Walkers live in stark contrast  to the idyllic, country family life on Walton Mountain I once craved as a child with The Waltons.  However, the one thing that both families were excellent at was coming together as a family in times of joy to celebrate together and times of need to support each other.  Both families - and this I so admire - were also hospitable to strangers and relatives who passed by their door: no matter the hour or the inconvenience, no matter the sadness or happiness that they brought to their homes, these people were always welcome.  I hold both of these attributes close to my heart; my family, my large extended family, was once like that and, at times, still is.  I want to foster these qualities within my small, perfectly-imperfect family now, forming traditions that will last for many years to come, creating a home where anyone is always welcome, no matter the hour, no matter the need.