Monday, October 17, 2011

"Be who you are ..."

Cake a baking, friend a coming,
Children abundant:
Noise and giggles and laughter;
Trains and dolls and drawing;
Lunch guzzled and off they fly
To play and jump and leap.
Coffee and tea and cake
And the mummy's get to talk -
"I didn't ask you how you are the last time..."
And the tears fall.
I'm tired of crying - my tears never seem to go away -
But she was the first to ask in such a long time
(In the flesh, in the here and now).
I'm scared that my friends are getting bored, exhausted by my pain.
And then I remembered this;
She asked because she cares, because I matter to her and she doesn't mind my rants and tears and sometimes you just need to "be who you are and say what you feel" because you can't go on hiding forever...