Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Caught Unaware

It's a Sunday night; it's been a long but happy day.  We slump on the sofa with a cuppa and a biccie and look to the tv to switch off and relax.  X-Factor - one of my guilty pleasures - comes on and


I'm caught unaware.  The break in my heart opens to show me my pain and the tears fall; the sadness is overwhelming.  In an instant I am reminded how precious life is.  I am forced to remember that my child has a potentially life shortening illness.  I am reminded that she will become weaker and need lifted and dressed and bathed and cared for.  I am reminded how much I am hurting: Oh, my God, I am hurting...

You think that you are taking each day as it comes, that you are doing "just fine", but then the reality hits and it hits hard.  I am managing.  I am putting a very brave face on, but sometimes I am caught unaware...

There are approximately 23,500 children and young adults living in the UK who are unlikely to reach adulthood - I know, therefore, that I am not alone; there are many mummys out there who care for their children just as I care for Eilidh, each one of us hoping and wishing and praying that our child's life isn't too short, that we can have many precious days together.  There are too many stars in the sky to count, but there are many wishes to be made: Eilidh's star shines bright.


Please take the time to read another post over at Whizzy Wheels which talks of the importance of "Together for Short Lives" and the other charities which will benefit from the proceeds of the sale of this single.  Thank you x