Monday, November 28, 2011

"You fill up my senses", sweet baby

This one's for Sweetpea

The first moment I was alone with Niamh, I held her close and I played her this song...

She captivated me completely.  She drew me into her soul, teaching me of unconditional love and the joy of motherhoodShe filled my senses and I saw the world afresh and new.

John Denver is my guilty pleasure... Niamh was born into a John Denver crazy family; this is one of the first of his songs that I remember from my childhood and there, in the maternity ward, I wanted to share it with her.   

She has since danced to John with her grannie and her mummy singing off key, loud and proud.   She loves "Grandma's Feather Bed" and bounces on beds like she's never bounced before.   These moments, just like the first one I shared with her nearly five years ago, make my heart soar.

So here's to the soon to be new member of the John Denver Fan Club: you don't know it yet but your mummy loves John Denver...

"I'll walk in the rain by your side,
I'll cling to the warmth in your hand,
I'll do anything to keep you satisfied.
I love you more than anybody can."