Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eyes Ever Present - The Gallery

"Her eyes are homes of silent prayers"

A smile is seen:
Existing only fleetingly perhaps,
But a smile uses less muscles than a frown
And seems so effortless in comparison.
But our eyes? 
Ever present, 
Our eyes tell the truth; they are open to the world
But only those close enough can see our souls.

This is my entry to The Gallery this week - grab a coffee and head on over to see some other great exhibits...


LauraCYMFT said...

What a lovely post and beautiful eyes!

helloitsgemma said...

loving the word and the hat!

Actually Mummy said...

Absolutely true! I have not looked so much at eyes today , rather what they are saying. (Great swim hat by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo and a great post.

Lou :-)

Funky Wellies said...

Such meaningful words, and a fantastic photo.

ever hopeful mummy said...

thank you all for popping by and leaving comments - my swimming hat fair cheers me up - in and out of the water! i also have a b&w one but it's not so cheerful.

PinkOddy said...

They are definitely where you see the smile