Friday, January 13, 2012

The Simplest of Things

washing hands 

It is often the simplest of things that can bring great pleasure. 

Eilidh loves water - fact. 

Eilidh gets dirty, no manky! at breakfast, lunch, dinner and all times in between - fact.

Eilidh loves washing her hands in  soap and bubbles galore - fact. 

Unfortunately getting to a sink is a little challenging for her.  Our bathroom and kitchen aren't adapted, the sinks too high and inaccessible.  She asks incessantly to wash her hands - she wants to be like Niamh, she wants to be like other children. 

We struggled to hold her at the sink, awkward and uncomfortable for a short time only.  We washed her hands with a cloth, but it wasn't the same for her...  And then I had a brainwave - simple and so, so obvious:  a bowl and water and soap! 


At last bubbles and smiles and fun!  There may be water everywhere but Eilidh is washing her hands, her way and independently, with a towel to dry them and hand cream (yes, you read right - so I indulge her a little!) to finish...

The joy is bountiful; the solution so obvious.


Midlife Singlemum said...

Oh she's so beautiful. Lovely post too. What is it about 3yos and washing their hands? xxx

ever hopeful mummy said...

Rachel, i'm not very sure... eilidh is obsessed! niamh was never like that.

BavarianSojourn said...

Her face in the first picture says it all! Emma :)