Monday, January 16, 2012

The Special Needs Showcase

I took a big step recently and volunteered - after a little gentle persuasion (thank you, Emma!) - to introduce the Special Needs Showcase over at Love All Blogs.  I volunteered and now, drum roll please, I am "co-hosting" the Showcase! 

Candi from Looking for Blue Sky kicked off the first Showcase last week (09.01.12) and fifteen bloggers linked in to their blogs.  Linking to Touch & Tickle was slightly nerve wracking for me – and I wonder if it was for others, too? – it was that moment when I opened up to others about my life with a physically disabled child. It was a big step for me but I’m glad that I took it. Why? Because I read some truly amazing blogs! I was humbled by the strength of the blogger's characters, the attitudes that they have adopted to taking each day as it comes (no matter how hard the day…), the honesty that they write with, the raw emotion that they express, and the abundant love that they have for your children. 

I realised that the lives of parents with children with special needs can feel like a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs – and roundabouts, too!  From the point of diagnosis to this moment in time, each day can bring something different; living with a child with additional needs can mean that we experience feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude, but also fear isolation and sadness.  Reading the blogs last week made me realise that I am not alone, that these feelings are normal and that what gets us through the days is the love that we have for our children.  I am a firm believer that while we try to teach our children about life, that they are secretly teaching us (or plotting against us?), but I wonder if those in the Showcase can all learn from each other, too?

I think that the Showcase has a lot to offer me and that I have a lot to give:  I feel privileged to be able to introduce such a host of amazing blogs, their writers and their amazing children.

You can find my introduction - which is more or less this post! - and this week's Showcase here


Di said...

You wrote a fabulous introduction!! Way to go you! :)
I also found it daunting to open up to writing about my life with autism, however, I have been blogging for a year now and expressing myself has got easier with time. One thing that I have noticed is that... I write my post, post it to the blog and then immediately forget all about it! Isn't that was therapists recommend... write down your thoughts and then bin them?? I don't know about you but I find writing my blog extremely cathartic. It is CHEAP therapy! :)

ever hopeful mummy said...

thank you, di. I definitely agree about blogging being cheap therapy! i was paying £75 an hour to speak to a therapist for CBT and felt that i wasn't achieving anything. I think that she helped me cope with the day of diagnosis (because I had only seen her that morning and we had prepared for worst case scenario) but blogging has been far, far more therapeutic... i find it amazing now to go back to old post and re-read them; i often think "wow, did i write that?" but it helps to look back and remember from time to time