Friday, February 10, 2012

My little ragdoll x

a mop of curls and beautiful eyes;
a cheeky grin and a huge personality.
chatty & funny,
she draws people to her,
making them smile.
they see her -
so proud and able
and then,
like a rag doll
she flops
rolls about.

eilidh's rosie doll

Eilidh has little strength, especially when she is tired: she struggles to sit, back straight, head up, and falls forward often - just like a rag doll. She sits on the sofa, "on the edge, mummy! on the edge!" and wiggles slowly forward  - while she thinks that no one is watching - until she balances precariously on the edge, feet touching the solid floor, with a huge smile on her face.  She cannot stand, her legs buckle under her but she moves her feet and taps her toes, dancing to her own wee rhythm.  She cannot walk, or skip or jump, and yet still moves to her own beat.

Eilidh may be unable to rip paper and be as floppy as a rag doll at times, but she has an immense presence, a huge personality and I adore her!  I just hope that people see her, first and foremost,  cute and unique, and not her wheelchair, nor her disability.  She is Eilidh just as she is and not SMA.

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LittleMamma said...

This is one of my biggest fears that people will see H for all the things he can't do and not see his beautiful smile. Eilidh sounds absolutely adorable and I imagine all the people who know her and who matter will see her for the delightful wee girl she is . xxx