Monday, March 26, 2012

Blues of the Sea - Art I Heart

My Art I Heart this week:

This is the Bass Rock all "ful of admiration and wounder" - and my reflection! - a famous landmark off the coast of North Berwick, known best perhaps for its gannet colony.

This painting by Kate Philp was the first painting I bought.  My grannie was to give me a small cash gift every year "to spend on something" not too fanciful or frivolous.  I had seen this painting in the local picture framer's window and loved the colour of the sea and sky and the golden sands.  It reminded me of swimming lessons at the outdoor pool at North Berwick, of afternoons and flying saucers (the edible ones!) at great-grannie's, of summer picnics at Yellowcraig and, later, of my favourite beach at Ravensheugh. This painting was the perfect way to spend my gift. 

That was a good few years ago now and my collection has grown since then; each painting being added in honour of my grannie.  This particular painting, which hangs above my bed, will always be dear to my heart - it reminds me of the beaches of "home" and all their natural beauty.

"ane wounderful crag, risand within the sea, with so narrow and strait hals that na schip nor boit bot allanerlie at ane part of it. This crag is callet the Bas; unwinnabil by ingine of man. In it are coves, als profitable for defence of men as thay were biggit be crafty industry. Every thing that is in that crag is ful of admiration and wounder."


Midlife Singlemum said...

Thank you for joining #ArtIHeart again this week. You have featured a beautiful painting and I can see why it means so much to you. I also have a thing about the first painting I bought.

h0peful mummy said...

i love your art i heart so it's a pleasure to join in - it gives me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my pictures and paintings. i'll be joining in again...