Friday, March 23, 2012

A Bracelet

I keep catching glimpses of a bracelet of candy colours, catching the light and glinting in the sun.  The flowers radiate colour and joy, reminding me of a beautiful woman I have mentioned before. 

This woman became a friend and I watched her carry her burden of cancer lightly, showing great courage and demonstrating overwhelming love.  She gave my girls a bracelet each on the day they visited her at the hospice - she won them over in an instant because - as everyone knows! - the way to a girl's heart is definitely sparkly, colourful jewels!

These bracelets are dear to me.  My friend died on Christmas Day, surrounded by her family, peacefully and with courage.  I am honoured to have called her a friend and even though I didn't know her for long, I miss her.  She taught me to sparkle and shine and reveal my true beauty even when the darkness sets in.


Zoe/Tricky Customer said...

I can't write anything now because I'm all choked up and teary. Beautiful post and beautiful bracelets. You know without me saying that I feel connected to what you are saying. We must always sparkle and shine, especially in memory of those that leave us behind. x

Midlife Singlemum said...

Good advice to try to always sparkle and shine even when you don't feel like it.

BavarianSojourn said...

A lovely reminder of your friend, and a beautiful post x