Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love is in the air

"i wuv camewon", said eilidh
niamh butted in quickly,
"who am i going to marry? fraser? max? cameron? it's sooooo difficult! i just can't decide!"
"i wanna get mawied"
"you can't stand though..."
"i stand!"
"or maybe get married in your wheelchair?" niamh suggested questioningly.

You've got to smile at their unfaltering hope and optimism... and dedication to finding a man!  I so thought I was raising two little miss independents...

And me, do I have the same hopes for Eilidh?
I can imagine her getting married in her wheelchair;
I can imagine it, I can imagine it, I can...
Children with SMA 2 can survive into adulthood.
It's good to live with hope: but perhaps I'll pray...
and keep my fingers crossed, too.


Renata said...

Your post made me happy and sad at the same time. I have the exact same inner battles. I find myself laughing talking about what Dominic will be like as a teenager, then feeling like bursting into tears because it makes me stop and wonder if it will happen. Your gorgeous girl reminds me a lot of Dominic, who doesn't have SMA, but shares a lot of similarities it seems. Thanks fo sharing

Midlife Singlemum said...

Many people in wheelchairs get married. Lots of people without wheelchairs don't. #thatsall

Steph said...

we're all praying with you. and you're right it's good to keep on hoping - really, you just never know. Over from Love All Blogs, and I think the way you write is amazing so I hope you don't mind if I continue to follow your story.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Keep imagining Eilidh getting married and then it's more likely to come true, I'll be rooting for her anyway x

planb said...

I came over after your comment on mine hoping to say something cheery and instead you've put a little tear in my eye - both at the what might and might not be, but mostly at your girls.

I love those sorts of conversations. They should have been on my list too.