Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am strong

I have depression but this does not mean that I am without strength; I am a strong woman.

I have depression but it does not define who I am; I will not let it.  Each day I try to choose my attitude - and I try so very hard.  Some days it's more difficult to choose the "glass is half-fill approach" but if I try then it means that I am making a positive stand against an illness that I cannot will away, an illness that does not differentiate or stigmatise. I have a choice and I choose to live, fully aware and joyously.

I am a strong woman but every now and then I wish that someone would take my hand and tell me that everything will be alright, that I am not alone and that they are there for me.

I am a strong woman, clever and courageous but I am no different to others -  I need saved at times too: asking for help does not make me any less strong, it just means that I need the help of others - I need to try hard to remember this.

I am a strong woman and am stronger than I realise - and so, if you are reading this, are you.

I am strong and when the day is difficult and life seems tough I need to keep this in mind - we all do.


Di said...

Yes, you are strong. You will get through this. xx

Ellen Arnison said...

You are a strong women, not least because it takes great strength to admit apparent weakness. x

h0peful mummy said...

thank you for your support and ellen, you are right, it's difficult to be open and honest, sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

Funky Wellies said...

What a beautiful, inspiring post. You are very strong indeed. Hugs xx