Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gro Your Own Fairy Garden

Our home is being extended and adapted to suit our family needs; the walls are painted and paintings adorn them, bringing colour and life to the inside of our home.  We have been so busy with the inside that we have neglected our garden which is now full of rubble and weeds and is not so life affirming.  We love pottering in the garden and this year we have missed the little seedlings and colour that spring and summer offer.  When I got the chance to do a wee review – my first! – I, rather tentatively, agreed and, after an afternoon of fun, I am so glad that I did.

The girls were so excited as we set up in the garden under the grey summer sky,  the drizzle falling silently around us.  We started with the basics, the MiracleGro Grow Your Own Herb Planter and three packets of seeds – basil, coriander and chives.  We added a “feature” tree – aka rosemary – from our local garden centre and started to plant our seeds: fingers and hands clarty, giggling as every last one of the seeds was poured into the little planter; I think that we might need to thin out the seedlings in weeks to come!  With the seeds gently covered and watered, and the drizzle turning to gentle rain, we ventured inside to decorate our garden with butterflies, bunting and fairies.

The end result was magical and the final flourish was the fairy dust, sprinkled liberally, to enchant the garden to life.

What started out as a dreary Tuesday turned out to be fairy beautiful: 

Little hands enjoyed the easy planting in the MiracleGro Gro Your Own Herb Planter and Eilidh was able to easily access the planter from her wheelchair.  The summer weather hasn't been too kind this year and the planter would have been perfect to do some indoor gardening on the window sill, dry and warm, too.  Our own little planter garden is now in our greenhouse and the girls are expectantly checking for signs of life, knowing that Olivia the fairy is keeping a watchful eye over the plants, sprinkling a little magic over them whenever they need an extra bit of love.  And in a few weeks we’ll have herbs to add to some of our favourite dishes, sown by the girls and sprinkled with fairy love.


BavarianSojourn said...

What a lovely project! Fingers crossed for lots of lovely herbs! :) x

MrsT said...

What an inventive, creative lovely mummy you are. I hope I follow in your footsteps xxxx